Club Crest

The club crest shows three images from the local area: The Waterfall at Poulanassy, the sawmill at the entrance to Mullinavat and the cross on top of Tory Hill.

The Waterfall: Situated about a mile from the G.A.A. grounds on the road towards Piltown is the scenic waterfall. This is now a popular tourist attraction and many visitors come to the waterfall to enjoy the beautiful scenery. It is an ideal place for a picnic.

The Sawmill: The Irish version of Mullinavat is Muilleann an Bhata which means mill of the stick. Long ago there was an old sawmill at the entrance to Mullinavat and this was situated beside the Glendonnell River. The only way for people to cross the river was by means of a stick across the river, hence the name Muilleann an Bhata.

The Cross on Tory Hill: Tory Hill is the highest point in the parish rising to a height of 966ft. above sea level. The summit which is easily reached is well worth the trip as you have a clear view of counties, Wexford, Kilkenny, and Waterford. There is a pattern held each year on the 2nd Sunday in July. This is known locally as "Tory Hill Sunday" . In the Holy Year of 1950 a large cross was erected on the summit of the hill and since then the rosary has been said by the people who gather beneath the cross.